Add N to (X), Avant Hard

Released: April 1999

To be honest, I didn't like Add N to (X)'s first album. I thought it tried too hard to be a novelty. On this, their second effort, they abandon the eccentricities of the previous effort and concentrate on making interesting yet unusual music. And they succeed on many levels, from the CGD meets the Battle of Britain weirdness of "Robot New York" to the synth-surf guitar of "Skills" to the "Pink Elephants on Parade" of "Steve's Going to Teach Himself Who's Boss." Yes, the music is weird, but it is yellow, warm, a lot of fun and a lot less pretentious than the titles suggest. Here is music made by a bunch of people who know a lot about pop culture and pop music's history and like to splice that knowledge with their fascination for analog synths. What else do you want?

Add N to (X) Web Site

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