Andrea Parker, Kiss My Arp Instrumental

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Released: September 1999 (UK)

Rap music, by and large, would be much better if they got rid of the rappers and kept the music. Same goes for most electronic music. Andrea Parker's Kiss My Arp is a perfect example. The original version has its moments, but the real strength of Parker's music is the music, not the vocals. I eventually grew bored with the album and forgot about it--that is, until Kiss My Arp Instrumental appeared. What a change! By taking out the vocals on songs like "Going Nowhere," "Breaking the Code," "Some Other Level," the music finally takes center stage--and what wonderful music it is! The songs are generally bass-heavy, with strings, CGD, and synth lines for melody, with FX sprinkled in for added fascination. The music is medium tempo, colored blue-to-brown, and employing primarily traditional structures. But that's description is a poor substitute to the real thing. This is a rich, intelligent, and complex album that extends electronic music into more traditional rap, pop, and classical domains while retaining the the experimental and playful edge electronica. Parker isn't Bjork, and she should just give up her quest to become another diva; her strength is her music. Thank god it can be heard in full force at last.

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