Architect, Galactic Supermarket

Released: September 1998

Architect is Daniel Meyer, an interesting artist who works under a host of pseudonyms (including Dots & Dashes). This is music that is, in essence, drum 'n bass; however, because that term can be used to describe pretty much anything that has a lot of drum sounds, it's doesn't really explain how interesting and unique Architect's music really is. The color of most drum 'n bass is red + brown + hot: music that flies at a frentic pace and emphasizes dark, deep bass sounds. But Architect's music is more red + grey + medium: music that, while containing the same number of notes as other drum 'n bass artists, nevertheless manages both to slow down those notes to a medium tempo and to add the mechanical, electrical CGD and sampled/found sounds of experimental music to the rich, deep, traditional bass lines of drum 'n bass. Add to this deep, brooding synth melodies and crunchy, distorted 303s, and suddenly you've got an album that manages to combine the abstract sounds of techno with the grooves, rhythms, and harmonies of hip hop or drum 'n bass. On songs like"Rubbertrack," the title song, and "Parallel," the abstract, CGD beats battle a building block war with 303s for dominance, while the synth floats above and over the beats like a virtual reality seagull floating over unsuspecting pedestrians. This album is one of many fascinating Hymen releases that have come out in the past few years. You can bet there will be more reviewed on this site in the years to come.

Architect Web Site

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