Arovane, Atol Scrap

Released: January 2000

Experimental weird fuzz music often sounds confusing, distorted, eccentric, or even plain weird, but it is rarely haunting. But Arovane's Atol Scrap is. The music crawls inside you, bubbling over with deep synth melodies that both transcend to higher registers and decay into lower, distorted blobs. The contrast between these two extremes makes this music work. Just as the cover depicts cables and metallic cords strewn into piles like so many dead branches, so this music is able to blend the static world of electronics with the cool, emotional world of nature and harmony. "Scapen Te," for example, starts with a churning, almost faint CGD rhythm that is almost, but not quite, consumed by deep synth lines that rise and fall in sweeping, epic strands. But soon the sweeping lines disappear into nothingness, while the still-faint rhythm remains, hovering in the background. Then the rhythm changes--building, becoming the center of the next track, while the epic lines float into the background. Back and forth this music turns. It is an amazing procession. Arovane's next album, Tides promises even more. I can't wait.

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