Arovane, Tides

City Center Offices
Released: May 2000

This is the second Arovane CD I've reviewed in the last few weeks. Like the earlier work, Atol Scrap, this work relies on sweeping synth lines to build a "quiet IDM" scape that is at once beautiful and haunting. But unlike the earlier work, Tides relies less on the CGD, fucked-up beats theory and more on live instrumentation (guitars, drums) to create their story. The change in Arovane's music is slight, but noticeable. Of course, the first CD was excellent, but this CD stands out more--perhaps because it is musically more interesting. For instance, in the title track, the guitar sweeps and Portishead-like trip-hop beats, coupled as they are with experimental synths and fx, provide an original and unusual listen, specifically because the mixture is not often heard in the world of IDM. After all, the key to "intelligent" music is to not dwell on the past but to embrace new possibilities. Too often "new" is replaced with "weird," but here "new" means, simply, making music that borrows from many different sources but sounds original when those sources are brought together. Great job!

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