Aspen, Album

Elephant Electronic
Released: May 1998 (New Zeland)

Aspen is Bevan Smith, a New Zealand computer programmer by day, a weird techno musician by night. His music is green all over, due primarily because he doesn't focus entirely on 303 bass sounds and driving 909 hits, but rather he is fascinated with taking found sounds, synth sounds, and CGD and finding ways to make the music sound "organic" and original. The music on Album jumps all over the place, from "wedding song," which sounds like a wedding song, to "Bicycle Underwater," which takes 909 breaks and twists them into underwater bubbles. The music ranges from hot to medium to slow, but is nevertheless very consistent and peaceful. There is a little something for everyone on this album, and it is only the start for Smith, whose next album, Are You That Retail Snob? is imminent.

Motion's review of Album

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