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Pitchcadet Records
Released: January 2001

Ahh, fresh, yummy sounds. This disk has them in abundance. Featuring a host of up-and-coming names in electronic music--people like Phonem, Accelera Deck, Arovane, M-Tec, Lexanculpt, and many more--Bliss Tech is a garden of rich sounds and shapes, from Barui's "Pecan Ice Cream," which sounds like a Richard Devine track at half-speed, to the Pan-Sonic-meets-Laurent-Garnier track "Generic Wheat" by Viratone Ballad. Pitchcadet is a label that has been around for a few years and has received a great deal of critical acclaim. I've not been as impressed with their previous releases as others, but I do find this release to be as good as anything of the other recent compilation disks. What is nice about the disk is the odd combination of continuity and eclecticism. Each track is unique--as unique as the artists who create them. They have sounds and shapes all their own; they convey emotions that range from heartfelt elegies (Phonem's "Suspension") to furry, distorted crunchfests (Cursor's "EXT") to sampler-on-a-binge attacks (Accelera Deck's "The Exact Color of Mercury"). Nevertheless, each track moves in conjunction with each other track, creating a nice, fluid listening experience. Great disk; get it.

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