Boards of Canada, Music Has the Right to Children

Released: August 1998

Boards of Canada are on the same record label that brought us Bola, so it should be no surprise that the music here is a mixture of the ethereal and the surreal. The music is green and cold: it's fresh, alive, and filled with surprises. At first, this album reminded me of a nostalgia trip through the heyday of saturday morning TV when I was a kid. There are samples from those shows scattered throughout this album. However, as you listen closer to the building blocks that make up each individual song, you begin to notice a dark, eerie veil hiding just behind the samples, revealing music that inspires those other memories of childhood: hatred, fear, oppression, boredom, stupidity, and parents. Take the second song, "an eagle in your mind." A fog horn synth blows over cut-up loops of amateur scratchers, CGD beats, and what sounds like a sampled narrator of a children's story. Amidst this weirdness, we hear a cartoon (or some children's show) character exclaim, "I love you!" This is just the beginning of the album, mind you! The rest is much, much weirder, and the album as a whole does a wonderful job doing exactly what music is supposed to do--recreate images of dreams, lost memories, and distant emotions. Let's hope Boards are around for a long, long time.

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