V/A, Clicks & Cuts 2

Mille Plateaux
Released: April 2001

One year after the release of the first, groundbreaking compilation, Clicks & Cuts 2 takes off where the last disk left off, but this time we are treated to a host of funkier beats to go with the generally unfunky minimalist sounds Mille Plateaux fans are familiar with. Sure, we've still got the "clicks" and the "cuts" that are almost standard fare in songs by Pan Sonic, Vladislav Delay, Kid 606, Panacea, and snd, but we are also treated to far more variations of rhythm and texture and even (if you can inagine it) weird but catchy melodies. Yes, the songs, by and large, are minimal in arrangement, but there is a sense of life to this disk that the other disk really did not worry about. The songs seem brighter, warmer, and more enjoyable--and, as you might have noticed, they are "songs," even when the "song" in question is a rhythm track that builds and falls apart over the course of six minutes. They are songs, not tracks, because each work bears an internal logic, a unique sense of itself, something that is not often the case when it comes to abstract minimalist compositions. These songs "rock," for lack of a better term. These songs can actually be DANCED to, provided your dancing is appropriately minimal in its gesticulations. But seriously, what makes this collection every bit as interesting and rewarding as the first in the series is the simple fact that, collected on these three disks, spread out over three hours, are songs by almost every single great artist creating electronic music today. How many other compilations can say that?

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