D'iberville, Next Idea

Released: May, 1999

In the 1970s, Jacques Attali, the French musicologist, predicted that the day would soon come when modern, popular music would be stripped from the hands of the elite, money-minded music industry and returned to the people. How would this transformation happen? Through the advent of new, original instruments and technologies that would supplant the ones used to make and market the music of the past. Well, that's a pretty heavy-handed sentiment, but 20 or so years after he wrote those words, the world was blessed with MP3--a technology which, along with the advent of affordable computers and music software, has given thousands and millions of people the chance to make their own music. D'iberville (Julien Berthier), another Frenchman, is just one example of musicians capitalizing and thriving in this electronic environment. More important than this, however, is the music itself, which is as good as anything else I've reviewed at this site. The building block structure adds layer after layer of CGD beats spindling through each song, racing in and around evocative synth melodies and abstract 303 lines. I would definitely call this music red and hot, but there are also quiet and contemplative moments within each track that molify the frenzy and make for a nice contrast. As a bonus, many of the songs are free to download at his MP3 web site. This is excellent music that deserves to be heard. Thanks to MP3, it can be--by anyone.

Reorec web site (in English & French)

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