Autechre, ep7

Released: July 1999

Another summer, another Autechre album. Don't let the name confuse you--this is an 11-track, 70 minute work, and as good as anything Autechre has ever done. And that's saying a lot, as they are one of the premier electronic outfits in the world. What makes them so good? Just listen to ep7 and find out for yourself. Although this appears to be a grey album, with its computerized, fucked-up sounds littering every crevice, it's really much brighter, redder than that. The album isn't dour or dispiriting. In fact, the great strength of Autechre is their ability to take starkly electronic sounds and breathe life and color into them. Listen to the first song, "rpeg": listen to how the digital liquid synths sputter and bubble into a CGD rhythm track. Listen to the way "ccec" manages to take a traditional vocal track and mutate it into a found rhythm, so that it sounds like an oscillator gone haywire. Every one of the tracks on this album will provide you with a sound you've never heard before, partly because Autechre do much to challenge the building block structures of electronic music by reversing sounds, reorienting songs in mid-flight, and otherwise causing stress to anyone who is trying to map the drum patterns. But don't listen to me talk about this album. Autechre's music speaks for itself. Get it. Listen to it. I'll be quiet.

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