EU, EU_Hard

Released: 2000

EU is supposed to have an album come out on the Art-Tek label sometime in March, 2000. It's called EU_Soft. This album came out on MP3 in February, I think. It's called EU_Hard. Is there a connection between the two albums? I don't know because I haven't heard the Soft album yet. But, damn, this album is good. As with their earlier releases (all on MP3), the music here is intelligent DM to the max, with tons of CGD, samples, FX, 303 bass and eccentric synth lines building-blocked into red-hot weirdness. The second song, "Simply," for instance, has a great 303 bass that bubbles through CGD and flanged synth lines distorted with FX of all shapes. It maneouvers around like that for about three minutes, but then slows down to a single drum line, then building to weird synth harmonics and deep bass, then turns toward a distorted synth solo, which mutates into something softer, then into something softer still, until all that is left is the beat and the bass which started the song. The very next song, "Boxx," is a glockenspiel-only tune that is as light as a bubble. The fourth song, "Envep," starts with a solid drum beat that becomes slowly distorted until it is so distorted that it actually mutates into a sound effect. Above this effect falls a series of synth lines, each different from the last. The rest of the album follows this pattern--interesting sounds, interesting songs. I love it.

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