B. Fleischmann, Pop Loops for Breakfast

Released: December 1999

This is a most interesting album--an experimental (IDM, if you will) record disguised as cheery pop music. The songs are, on the surface, very simple: a straight building block and standard structure, medium tempo, generally colored yellow, green, and red; however, the music itself belies this simplicity. Complex CGD, 303, 808, 909, FX sounds blend with the simple, happy harmonies. Take "Slope," for example. It starts with a simple 303-esque organ line. Then that line blurs into a nice keyboard melody, which repeats in a variety of keyboard sounds (some organ, some glockenspiel, some piano). In the background, however, the 303 becomes a fragmented blur, a distorted remnant of the original line. These sounds all build upon one another in standard building block fashion. It's an interesting song that is not nearly as innocent or as simple as it might appear on the surface. Most of the other songs feature a mix of the simple and the complex. Really, it's an inviting album, one that is very accessible yet very challenging. Recommended.

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