Global Communication, 76:14

Released: October 1997

The title, 76:14, refers to the album's length; each individual track is also referred to solely by its length. The goal, as the artists explain in the liner notes, is to let the music speak for itself. Titles, I guess, would only give the listener a preconception about the song. Sticking just to the math, however, lets one approach the song with an open mind. Of course, when one song is named, "14:31," one thought that will enter your mind is, "Oh god, Tangerine Dream?" Luckily, the music compensates for these minor slips in rhetoric. 76:14 is probably one of the most enjoyable ambient albums around. While other green or blue music is probably more consistent and more rewarding, no one but Brian Eno has so far approached Global Communication's ability to make quiet music so memorable. The album floats along like most ambient works, but unlike a lot of ambient music, there is a structure. This is building block music: the tracks go somewhere. There is musical interplay between soft 909 and found rhythm and synth/string melody; there are harmonics; there is tension buried beneath the soft, lilting surface that makes the listener actually listen, rather than (as Eno once recommended) keep the music in the background.

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