Groenland Orchester, Trigger Happiness

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Released: November 1999

Like ISAN, Freeform, Solvent, Boards of Canada, and Plone before them, the German weirdoes Groenland Orchester dabble in the world of what a certain reviewer calls "Toytronics." This is a rather banal term that is supposed to indicate a penchant for Saturday morning cartoon soundtracks. Actually, I think the sound started with The Resident's theme to Pee-Wee's Playhouse, with its combination of lighter-than-air atmospherics, clunky beats, and whimsical sound effects. This album certainly contains these elements, but there is also a lot of funky, No Future-esque moments that would be home on a Frankfurt dance floor as well as a Saturday morning TV show. "Haudura" is an example of this. There are plenty of weird CGD, FX, synth strings and keys, but in the middle of it all, the song actually turns into, well, a song, complete with a solid, consistent 808/303 rhythm, melody combination that is as danceable as anything reviewed at this site. Plus, it sounds great!

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