I-F, The Man from PACK

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Released: April 1999 (Germany)

The liner notes to this album refer to an alien invasion fleet that has taken over the Earth. I-F fights for our freedom--with the help of PACK. The music, it seems, is the message that will free us. Oddly enough, the music in question is rooted in the early days of techno, when Space Invaders provided inspiration and Kraut-rock reigned supreme. I guess "old skool" is our key to salvation. Actually, that sounds better than Independence Day. But there is a quasi-seriousness about this record that makes I-F different from these other artists. There is a history attached to "space sound," as Attilo Mineo's album proves. Those 808 drums, FX synth wails, FX vocals and samples all emerge from a broad, weird culture 50s Communist paranoia; oddly, the 90s are paranoid for very different yet equally weird reasons, and so these sounds fit in perfectly. I-F understands all this; more importantly, he understands how to make this music come alive. Despite the grey cover, this music is decidedly yellow, medium tempo, and fun: lots of raw drum programming and 303 bass synths filling the gaps and making you dance. Songs like "Secret Desire," "Theme from PACK," "Midnight-connection to Mars," and the wonderful "Floating away in a hole darker than yours" are simply odd, fantastic techno songs.

I-F Web Site (in German)

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