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Emanate Records
Released: July 1999

I thought the two songs by if.then.else (aka Deno Vichas) were the standout tracks on Emanate's compilation. Here, all by himself, Emanate label's head lives up to expectations and presents music of intricate fascination and outstanding quality. Like the Emanate compilation, the music here is medium-to-cold tempo, utilizing a lot of CGD, synth, and FX sounds. The music is rigidly building block (especially the first track, "Come Along"). There is a stark, computeresque grey and blue to most of the songs (especially "Going To" and "Fanga"); however, toward the end of the album elements of piano and organ sounds add a tinge of green to the electronic mix. This is music that sometimes seems more complex than it is and, at other times, seems simpler than it actually is. For example, "Induced States" seems busy, filled with a bunch of beats, hi hats, keyboard pulses and synth atmospherics: a variety of instruments and sounds. But listen closely. The beat is a simple one; the hi hat sound resonates but does not overwhelm the beat; the melody is brief and seems to hover above the rhythm, not getting in the way; and what sounded like synth atmospherics actually is the resonance that those simiple sounds made when combined. Another example is "Muse," which is a simple piano melody, with very little beat; however, as the song goes on, CGD sounds bubble in and hover over the melody and move the song forward and backwards and upwards and downwards. In short, this is simple yet complex music that is a must for any fan of intelligent electronic music.

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