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Released: November 1998 (UK)

ISAN is a couple guys who make music separately, then combine it together (via the wonders of modern technology) to see what they get. Their music is a combination of quirky, yellow and abstract, grey. Most of the songs are traditional IDM, using a building block structure; these are full compositions that are completely without pretention, filled with beautiful synth and traditional keyboard melodies and quirky CGD and found beats. However, there are also quasi-songs that can be called interludes, which use near-ambient structures, in that they are pieces of music that begin and end in about 30 or 40 seconds and do not deviate or move from one place to another. The combination of abstract and ambient is really interesting and makes for great listening. The songs are simple, the rhythms are metallic and eclectic, and the use of 303s and the crunchy analog synth sounds are wonderful, especially on songs like "Skeet" and "Spinning Jenny," which includes sampled laughter, which darts around a deep 303 bass groove. Another great song is "Bolselin," which contains a nice melody that moves up and down and around a tin-drum rhythm. Again, these songs are not earth shattering, but they are wonderfully simple and wonderfully evocative.

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