V/A, Ischemic Folks

Released: May 1999

Twelve tracks strong, this All-American collection is one of the most impressive electronic music (read: IDM) compilations to come along since Warp's Artificial Intelligence or Skam's Skampler. The collection is chock-full of great artists like Push Button Objects, Phoenecia, Richard Devine, and David Kristian. Granted, these are not the A-list of electronic musicians, but they will be once enough people hear this collection. What does the record sound like? Well, the building block songs are generally a cross between pastoral green, frenzied red, and mechanical grey. The tempo, likewise, shifts from hot to medium to cold, depending upon the song. Example? Well, the two tracks by Push Button Objects brim over with amazing melodies and complicated rhythms. The second track (track 9 overall) has an understated CGD beat, which follows a synth line through a complex building block score that shifts from frenzy to calm tranquility to another (different) frenzy and back and so on for over 5 minutes. It is a great track, but only one of many. There's also Richard Devine's two tracks, which do a great job merging CGD and found noises with beautiful synth melodies. There's also Phoenecia's three tracks, which are all very different yet equally wonderful. And I haven't mentioned Gliese, Metic, or David Kristian, whose tracks are equally as good as the ones above. Clearly, this will be a standout collections for years to come.

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