Jega, Geometry

Planet Mu/Matador
Released: October 2000

In my review of Jega's first CD, Spectrum, I said (and I quote), "This is one of the weirdest techno albums I've ever heard." What I meant was that Spectrum was, fundamentally, schizophrenic--jumping all over the place, going from wild noodles to slow, melodious melodies almost at will. Well, Jega's second release, Geometry, isn't quite that weird, but it's got plenty of variety. There are trace elements of what I've come to call the "Morr" sound, what I've come to call the "Autechre" sound, and what I will henceforth call the "weird ass oscillation" sound. But, unlike the first effort, the songs on this work actually sound like they were created by one person--not a column of evil elves. As a result, when you sit down to listen to these tracks, you can enjoy their variety of sounds and appreciate the transitions between fast or slow tempos, or hard or soft beats, rather than just skipping the tracks that don't suit your mood or simply irritate you. You want specifics? Okay. How about the transition between track 3, "Recursion," with its "weird ass oscillation" sound that creates a 303 loop that bounces around a clicked-up groove, and track 4, "Geometry," which is dominated by a wavering synth melody but is grounded in an equally clicked-up, fragmented groove. The songs are wildly different, but they share some basic elements. I can use other examples, but they'd just kill the fun you'll have picking the songs apart for yourself.

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