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Released: December 1998

What do you say about an album where two of the songs just stop, for no apparent reason, in the middle of the chorus? Personally, I look at the bottom line. This is a fantastic collection of traditional yet experimental songs. Tracks like "Don't Fall Asleep," "Feeling," and "Won't You Be my Baby, Baby" are as good as anything else out there. What makes the album unusual is the ad hoc production style Leila uses, which seems to be focused around simplicity, casual "what-the-fuckedness," and fun. Leila's traditional bass lines are something to hear: they function both rhythmically and melodically to anchor the songs in the low-end regions, while the vocals (all provided by friends of Leila's) push the song higher and higher. The result are very intricate songs that seem to be spiraling in opposite directions, high and low, until they just stop or they meld with the next track. Great, weird stuff. I love it.

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