V/A, Lily of the Valley

Released: March 2000

Schematic's first CD compilation, Ischemetic Folks, established once and for all that IDM is alive and well in the United States. This second album adds to this case, offering a scintillating twelve tracks of first class music from the likes of Phoenecia, Richard Devine, Jake Mandell, Delarosa & Asora, and others. This CD is a little different than the first, however. It is, according to the release notes, a concept album about (of all things) love. What these noodling, abstract, experimental CGD/FX/sample laden sounds have in common with love, however, is anyone's guess. But perhaps that's the point. Perhaps love is a concept so wide and so abstract that it could mean anything. Perhaps the only "love" under dissection here is the love of music or the love of sound. Or perhaps the splintered bubbles that are broken up and flanged and reverbed back and forth in Phoenecia's "Dilido" are the bubbling, pulsing emotions running through the blood stream when you see someone special or feel the touch of another person's hand. Perhaps the chopped up 303 and 909 sounds, ambient noise, and distorted traditional bass sounds in 09's "Seven Milliseconds" are the rush that accompanies the first moments of a beautiful day. Who knows? The great thing about music like this is that you do have to figure it out for yourself--there is no guidebook telling you what should sound right and what must sound wrong. Experiment, invent a new language, communicate with yourself and see if someone listens and understands. That's what these artists are doing. Follow along--it's a great ride.

Listen to Richard Devine "Anthracite"

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