Jake Mandell, Love Songs for Machines

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Released: February, 2001

Jake Mandell is always moving in new directions (quite literally, as he recently moved from Minnesota to Berlin). His early work, from the Midwest EP on Lucky Kitchen to Parallel Processes on Worm Interface, was centered in the crunchy world of Schematic, Warp, and other crackle-and-pop groove music. Then he released two ultra-ambient CDs on the Kodama label. Then what does he do? He not only releases 2000's Quondam Current on techno label Force Inc. but also adds tracks to such compilations as the minimalist Clicks & Cuts and the weird ambient Across the Cell Wall. Yes, Mandell can do just about whatever he wants in the realm of electronic music. So now here we are at Love Songs for Machines. Before listening to this, I was certain of only one thing: I didn't know what to expect. So what do we get? Nothing short of a veritable encyclopedia of electronic and computer-based music. Starting with the opening track, "Magik Cirkuits," and its hints of New Order bass lines, we are introduced to just about every kind of electronic music you can possibly think of. We've got out-and-out dance numbers like "The Prince and the Palm", which is similar to many tracks on Quondam (though with more of that same New Order groove). We've got more standard IDM tracks like "Tender Growth from Random Seed," with its clicky bits and warbling melody lines. We've even got Orbital-esque numbers like "Divinity Takes a Dive." And, of course, there are plenty of uncategorizable songs to flesh things out. I know this is a cliche, but, honestly, this disk has it all--every sound I've heard from Mandell in the past, sounds I've heard from a cornucopia of electronic artists from the late 70s to the present, and sounds I've just never heard before. And they're all packaged together in a wonderful shell. What a great way to start 2001!

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