Lowfish, Fear Not the Snow and Other Lo-Fiing Objects

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Released: February 1999

The music here is an amazing fusion of yellow, red, white, green, and gray sounds. Some of the songs are contemplative, some happy and bubbling over with life, some frentic and hair, and some cold and distant. However, all the songs exude with fascination: at sound, at shapes, at life. Most of the songs, like "Rubber Spider Monkey" and "Martin C. Martin," mix heavily filtered 303 lines with a mixture of odd CGD sounds, some unusual found beats and synth FX. The building block structures are pretty standard: begin with a single sound, then add and subtract and multiply until everything is swirling around is a big soup of sound. He adds a twist, however, in the middle of most songs: pauses, where sounds or samples that were previously buried in the structure emerge and take center stage. That's a pretty original way to accent certain sounds and shake a song out of stagnation. All in all, these are medium tempo tracks that place an emphasis on the magical wonders that can be found in electronic sound.

Suction Records

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