Lowfish, Eliminator

Released: June 2000

The second release by Canada's Gregory de Rocher (one-half of the Suction brain trust) is an extension of the fun, blippy fusion of retro techno and IDM we heard on his first release. However, this work is a whole lot better, thanks in part to deRocher's ability to take disparate sounds (static hiss, funky 303 grooves, and oddball FX) and meld them into actual SONGS. Not many IDM artists work in the "song" world. Most artists are content to create soundscapes that bend and weave and wander from one place to another. But those aren't songs in the traditional sense. Lowfish, like labelmate Solvent, is primarily interested in short, sharp songs that begin and end and leave a wonderful memory in their wake. Take "Glass & Spiders," for example. It starts with a happy little synth groove, mixed as it is with some weird CGD weirdness, but then builds with a 909 beat and 303 lines that first replace the groove, then supplement that groove. The songs moves around and around in these sounds, pausing to emphasize a single synth line or a CGD squelt at times, but always returning to the primary groove. And then the song ends! Short, simple, fun. What else do you want?

Suction Records

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