L'Usine, L'Usine

Released: 1999

I first heard this album back in late 1999, just after it came out. For some reason, I listened to it and promptly filed it away. For some reason, I wasn't impressed. Then, as I was listening to Greg Clow's Feedback Monitor (now back online), I heard a song that reminded me, at first, of the Mille Plateaux clickscape orchestra that has become so familiar in IDM circles. Suddenly, the song changed into bubbly, Solvent-esque blip-pop. Toward the end, the two styles meld into something else entirely. I was immediately impressed, and I wondered what artist could have made such an interesting combination of sounds. Of course, it was L'Usine. So here I am, typing this review up, wondering how I could have missed this obviously talented and intelligent music. This is standout electronic listening music that is at once smart, fascinating, and entertaining. From start to finish, the music blows around, mixing CGD with 303 lines and adding in synth strings and bass taps whenever it seems relevant. The song I mention above is called "Flinch," and it, along with the 10 other tracks on this work, are excellent examples of what can happen when electronic listening music is created and composed by someone who actually knows a little bit about musical structure and entertainment. Great stuff. Get it.

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