Lusine icl, A Pseudo Steady State

Released: 2000

This is a limited-edition work by Jeff McIlwain (aka L'usine) that manages to take all the best elements of recent releases from Arovane, Phonem, Marumari, ISAN, Solvent, and a host of other wonderful artists and come up with something new, something different, something original. Details? Well, "Threshold of Pain," includes a scissor-like loop that bubbles in and around an unusually happy melody. "Sem" is a simple melody that is repeated and repeated at faster speeds, untiil it mutates into something that seems random yet also resembles the original. "Lazydayz" has a trip-hop beat straight outta Bristol, yet also has some fragmented Schematic noise loops thrown in to make the song just a little too weird for Portishead--and add to it another abstract glockenspiel melody that mutates from a simple repeated melody to a full orchestrated groove. Each of these songs, in short, borrow elements from great artists, but what McIlwain makes of these elements is entirely unique--and a hell of a lot of fun! There are only about 1,000 of these disks floating around the world, so get one as soon as you can!

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