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Mad Monkey Records
Released: 1999

This album begins with an ambient synth track that is, in no way, like anything else on the album. It is soft, lilting, and beautiful. The rest of the album is crazy--twisted CGD beats, haunting FXs, heavy bass, distorted synth noise, hot-to-medium tempo, red-to-white weirdness. There are 16 tracks altogether, each one different. "Just in Time" by Ariel, for example, uses a heavy distorted bass as a center, and then fills the gaps with FX noise, shuffling analog synth echoes, and a mixture of 808 and 909 beats that float in and out of rhythm. Qwerty's "Spodoba," meanwhile, is centered around a soft synth melody and a gurgling CGD beat that floats from traditional snares to computer hiccups. These are only two songs, but they give a very clear indication of the range that this album manages to encompass. This Texas-based label is yet another example of the strides US electronic music has made in the past few years.

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