Jake Mandell, Parallel Processes

Worm Interface
Released: December 1998 (UK)

Parallel Processes was released by the same label that released Solar X's Little Pretty Automatic, so it is no surprise that the album is rich with red, hot CGD drums, found cut-ups, unusual 303 bass lines, and weird synth harmonics. Mandell's music, however, is less abrasive than other artists in the "drill 'n bass" field. This is not to say that the album is simplistic--far from it, in fact. Each song has a rich, challenging building block or anti-structure; each song is filled with ominous melodies, CGD madness, and trash can rhythms that challenge the drum mapmakers. But there is a peacefulness at the center of this album, which I attribute to the interplay between those dense rhythms and the atmospheric synth pads which hover over every track, as in "Worried Waves" or "Untitled 57." All in all, this is an extraordinary album from an original artist.

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Worm Interface

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