Marumari, Story of the Heavens

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Released: 1999

Marumari has a song on Lucky Kitchen's Blip, Bleep album. It's called "The Vaus," and it is filled with fascinating CGD, poppy synth weirdness, and odd organ melodies--just like most of the other songs on Blip, Bleep. So when I heard about Marumari's album on Cunsanto records, I was eager to get ahold of it. I was not disappointed. "The Vaus" is here, along with eight other tracks that span the gamut from ambient bubble music ("113") to snaky weirdness ("Snakely") to fantastic experimental fun ("Fivel4b"). Occasionally contemplative, overwhelmingly musical and whimsical, Story of the Heavens is a mix of yellow and red: happy music with a manic edge to it. The last song, "The Way the World Will End," is a perfect example. It starts out with a simple keyboard/CGD line, then adds FX vocals (punching in and out), a fuzzy 909 beat and a beautiful synth melody. There are elements of a variety of styles here, but they all coalesce beautifully. This is a fun album that is as experimental as Jake Mandell, the Schematic folks, or any of the other Autechresque artists out there. It's a limited edition, so get your copy right now!

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