Marumari, Ballad of the Round Ball

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Released: December 1999

With this, his second album, US artist Marumari establishes himself as one of the top IDM artists around. This is as polished, as consistent, as rewarding as anything I've heard in quite a while. The songs aren't titled, but each one is inventive, funny, and filled with countless twists and turns. The songs are generally green and yellow, medium tempo, building-block; that is, happy, optimistic, and filled with wonderful, inventive sounds. Take the first song, for instance. It begins with a whirling synth sound that turns into a quasi-sci-fi synth melody, distorted and fuzzy. Then the beat cuts in, along with sweeping FX and backwards CGD. Everything swirls around, jumps in and around that sci-fi melody. Things calm down, go back to the beginning, and start again, but it's not exactly the same. Some CGD are gone, others take their place. On the second song, there are even more backwards melodies and beats, and even more looping swirls of sci-fi atmospherics and crunchy beats. And this is just the beginning. His next album (due out later in 2000) is even better!

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