Patio, Parallel Play

Released: April 2000

Aspen (Bevan Smith) and Jet Jaguar (Michael Upton), both accomplished IDMsters in their own right, came together to create this funky, happy CD. Thank god they did, because this is one of the most refreshing and entertaining releases in months. What they have managed to do here is take eccentric, experimental sounds (whooshes, blips, clicks, and the other typical IDM fare) and feed them into almost ambient or minimal structures that simply exist for no other reason than to show off the sounds themselves. It seems like an incredibly simple concept, and it is. As anyone should know, the simpler ideas are generally the most rewarding and refreshing. Here's an example. "Liam, Let It Rain" starts with a slow, steady drum beat; soon, a nice bass synth echo is added, along with a guitar/synth echo and another synth echo. They float along for about a minute, until a few more sounds are added (some bubbles, some Pole-like clicks, some string overtures, and so on). Then the song slows down, pauses, and picks up again until it ends. This is simple music that knows that the only important thing is the experience of listening to sounds as they move into and out of your ears. Great job, Kiwis!

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