Plasmalamp, Void Travelling

Worm Interface
Released: June 1999 (UK)

Worm Interface is probably the best record label nobody has heard of. In the last year, they have released wonderful albums by Solar X, Jake Mandell, and now Plasmalamp. But whereLittle Pretty Automatic blows you away with hyper-complex digital drum and bass, Void Travelling takes the less travelled road of mixing ambient atmospherics with CGD beats and found noise to produce something unique. This album has a little bit of everything: some great synth lines, great traditional and 303 bass lines, great FX. This is smart, complex, beautiful blue music that floats around like the little tadpoles on the cover: swimming in and out of different genres, exploring soundscapes of all varieties, and having a lot of fun. Some of the outstanding tracks include "Psi Clones," with its fractured beats and heavy aerials; "Void Traveller," which IS ambient; and "Alpha," with its 808 drum sounds and its weird, tweaky synths.

Worm Interface

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