Pole, 2

Released: February 1999

In a world that is used to 72 minute albums, Pole's second effort is a breath of fresh air. Clocking in at a slender 34 minutes (appx.), 2's six songs continue the German artist's medium, white experiments that emphasize the magic of engineering mistakes. This time around, however, there is a little more life and a little more color added to the mix (and I'm not just talking about the cover art). Once again, the music fuses sci-fi synth harmonics with sampled and traditional snaps, crackles, and pop bass/drum lines, but here the music is a little more user-friendly. Where CD1 focused on slow-tempo, atmospheric tracks, this album is vibrant and fast-paced. Heck, it even contains a few memorable "hooks," like the echoing synth line in "Fahren." With this release, Pole proves himself to be one of the most talented artists working in experimental electronic music. Let's hope he keeps churning out those "hits"!

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