Quench, A Journey Into Electronix

Released: 2000

What a way to start 2000! This limited edition work by new label U-Cover manages to take all the best parts of other, more familiar IDM artists and to squish together something that resembles, but does not copy, them. How can I explain this music? Well, for starters, the songs use a variety of FXs, CGDs, samples, electronic bass, and keys (to be very general). The music is generally red and yellow, with a fiery inventiveness that travels throughout each song. Although building-block in structure, the music varies from cold-to-medium-to-hot in tempo. Really, the only word I can use to describe this music is: inventive. Individual songs, like"Smoke," vary from moment to moment, going from deep, dark black/white moments of static and feedback to blue/green moments of tranquility and deep bass melodies to the hyperactive red and yellow frenzy of electronic drills, blips, and clips. And I haven't mentioned the dub, trance, drum 'n bass, and industrial elements that permeate throughout the work. This is definitely an album that will be around at the end of 2000, not just the beginning.

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