Cristian Vogel, Rescate 137

Released: October 2000

Like Vogel's last few works, Busca Invisibles and the Super Collider project with Jamie Liddell, this work is fast, frentic, crazy, and fun. But unlike those other works, there is also a little more rhythmic cohesion and more polish in Rescate 137. You can certainly hear the Chilean influence of Vogel's youth in both the vocals (in Spanish, mostly) that appear in "Underwater Living" and "Whipaspank" and in some of the instrumentation, such as the salsaesque guitar riffs in "Whipaspank." Of course, I mention these things because these influences did not seem as apparent on Busca or Super Collider. For the most part, however, this work is similar to his earlier work. Manif fragmentation abounds here, as do abrupt tempo changes and really cool sound effects. "Grainiak Burn," for example, has a great beat that combines a swivel-stick funk faux guitar and an ur-trebelized high-pitched evil keyboard medley (how about them adjectives?) that swirls all over the place like a dance floor in a zero-gee disco. Of course, as I said earlier, there is an added bonus to this disk: the songs are a little better and the production is much crisper. Still, if you like Vogel, you'll need this work. If you've never heard of Cristian Vogel, then you MUST get this because Vogel is one of the best IDM artists around--and, unlike, say, Autechre, you can actually dance to his tunes!

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