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Sub Rosa
Released: 1998

This is the loudest damned album I've heard in quite a while! I had to turn it down to "2" on my CD player, and it still burned my ears. I'm not complaining--far from it. I think this is a brillant album from start to finish. It takes all the tricks that Worm Interface and Metalheadz play with and turns them up a sonic notch, wanders through various ambient territories, and generally fucks with your head in about a thousand different ways. Take the first track, "Thanks for the Party." It blows you away with a spraycan full of samples, beats, and breaks, then levels out with a single, repeated stick sound, then builds into a quasi-hip-hop beat that mutates into a lot of screaming and moaning, and then calms down with the stick sound, and then builds back into a frentic spraycan--and so on and so on. And that's just the first track. From there, the album travels through every conceivable musical terrain you can possibly imagine: ambient, drum & bass, drill & bass, breakbeat, idm, and so on. It's incredibly weird and incredibly fun.

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