VA, Snow Robots: Volumes 1 & 2

Released: February 2001

Two disks and a lot of bleeps: that's Suction Record's first two compilation albums. The disks compile (in their entirety) the many 12" that the label has released since 1997, plus some new songs and remixes by co-label mates Solvent (jason amm) and Lowfish (gregory de rocher), among others. If you are at all familiar with these artists, then the music on these compilations should come as no surprise at all. In fact, you might already own a number of these tracks. But the disks are still worth buying for a number of reasons. First, they compile all their great lo-fi electronic music onto two disks. Second, I'm guessing that most people have not purchased every single Suction release over the past few years, so you're bound to discover new songs that you might not already be familiar with. For instance, I was struck by Solvent's wonderful "Flexidisk" for all its 303 warbling and happy, almost angelic synth lines. Third and most importantly, the disks (particularly disk 2) contain new remixes by the likes of ISAN (!!!) and Mat-101 as well as a new track by Solvent and G.D.Luxxe. All in all, this is a worthwhile addition to any IDM-crazed fan's catalogue.

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