Solar X, Little Pretty Automatic

Worm Interface
Released: January 1999 (UK)

Solar X is a Russian scientist named Roman Belavkin. His music is often called drum 'n bass, but it's really more interested in hot, red, frenzied drum sounds than brown, dropping bass. The music is complex, confusing, and confounding the first time you hear it. You think, what is this guy doing? But listen again, and you will discover music that is both incredibly intelligent and incredibly warm. Belavkin has a great sense of humor as well as a keen music aesthetic. His music is intricately layered, and you discover something new with each listen. Most of the songs have a building block structure, but some songs have an anti-structure that defies any definition. It's just crazy and fun music. Some of the most memorable cuts include: "Dasha 1,2,3,4...", with its menacing monster voice floating in and around acid breaks, "Xiao Jie," which is a combination of Chinese synth melodies and CGD and found beats (not to mention samples from every Hong Kong action movie you can name), and "Shoot My Heart," which must have one of the most complex rhythms of any song I've ever heard--and yet also includes a weird, synth-string moment that is beautiful and tranquil.

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