Solvent, Solvently One Listens

Released: October 1999

The music I review at 25 varies from dark to bright, happy to sad, loud to quiet. But one thing that each album shares is creativity, the willingness to experiment with new sounds, new ideas, new concepts. Solvent's debut album was a lot of fun, but Solvently One Listens overflows with great ideas and new sounds. Mixing reds, greens, and yellows, combining pastoral synthscapes, lo-fi 808 percussion, experimental CGD, and FX, the 13 songs on this album span the distance between abstract drill-and-bass and esoteric harmonies. Take the second song, "Black Turtleneck," for example. Like Autechre's recent "Ccec," this song uses a fragmented vocal track, surrounded by synth and CGD. However, whereas Autechre used the fragmented vocals to further distort the rhythm and melody, Solvent manages to fit the fragmentation into the rhythm itself, where it becomes an echo of the CGD beat. Other songs range from simple, innocent building-blocks ("Hello Pop") to abstract lo-fi weirdness ("Monkey Rope"). I look forward to a lot more great ideas from the guys at Suction.

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