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Released: June 2000

Well, isn't this a surprise! I first heard about this CD from Russia's Fizzarum, who contribute a wonderful fuzzy little track. Since I'm a huge fan of Russian IDM to begin with, I grab any chance to hear more, so I bought it. Little did I realize that this work--which is a who's-who of up and coming IDM artists like Fizzarum, Lexaunculpt, Ambidextrous, Lackluster, and many more, and is only the second release for Florida's Merck label--would be so much damn fun from beginning to end. Although many of these songs resemble the work produced on Schematic, Music Aus Strom, and other experimental electronic labels, there is a joyfulness to this work that is rare in these parts. The music here is, quite simply, fun to listen to, and enjoyable from end to end. But this is also intelligent music, music that bears up to repeated listens. Take Bauri's "Stealth Style," which features a barrage of 303 squelches, a structure that builds and tears down melody after melody, and ends with a faint, simple synth organ line that is as beautiful as Bola's best moments. The song is, in short, weird because it moves from one extreme to another, but it works--it has an internal consistency and a great sound to boot! Listen also to Syndrone's "Ifni" and Lexanculpt's "Tell Me You Love Me" and "Ambidextrous's "6 Million Forms." Listen to the whole thing! It's all good.

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