Super Collider, Head On

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Loaded Records
Released: April 1999 (UK)

Super Collider is Christian Vogel and Jamie Lidell, members of the Bristol No Future set. Not surprisingly, then, Head On bears comparison with Vogel's Busca in certain respects. However, because the album contain traditional/found vocals by Lidell, and because the album uses primarily traditional song structures, the album is nearly pop, albeit incredibly warped, twisted, and experimental pop. But don't let the weirdness or the "popness" fool you: this is electronic music at its finest. The album is filled with amazing techno synth sounds, traditional, CGD, and found beats, and other unusual and original sounds. For instance, "It Won't Be Long" has both Vogel's beats and noises and Lidell's vocals that are filtered, altered, and resampled to resemble the most freaked out George Clinton clone who ever lived. "Alchemical Confession," meanwhile, would fit perfectly on a traditional house album (by someone like Deep Dish), except the beat is too complex (too noisy), the melody includes an analog feedback solo, and the vocals are compressed to the point of fragmentation. In other words, it's a wonderful song, but it is wonderful precisely because it manages to reinvent the very sounds and very forms that other artists depend on. In short, this is a damn fine piece of work. Let's hope the Vogel/Lidell collaboration continues.

NOTE: The CD features an interactive program (Mac & PC compatible) and two bonus tracks (mp3 format)!

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