Two Lone Swordsmen, Tiny Reminders

Released: September 2000

Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, the second man to set foot on the moon, theorized about space walking--the act of moving around in the vaccuum of space outside a spacecraft--before anyone had actually done it. His idea was simple: it would be a lot like walking underwater. So he set up a training program at NASA that combined space suits and underwater travel. Well, this anecdote is about as close as I can come in words to conveying the feeling of listening to Two Lone Swordsmen's newest and best work, Tiny Reminders. The sounds employed on this disk are the very elements of space travel, be it in a spaceship, in the vaccuum of space, or by listening to the infernal chatter of celestial objects through a radio telescope. However, the effect of these amazing sounds is a simple one: it transports you to a bubbling, undersea adventure just like the one depicted on TLS's earlier effort, Stay Down. This is a wonderful work, a work so intricate on the one hand and so warm and satisfying on the other hand that I just have to stop right here and let you enjoy the samples (see link below) courtesy of Warp records. Go now. I'll wait here.

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