To Rococo Rot, The Amateur View

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Released: June 1999

I've received a number of emails from people who have complained about some of my musical selections. Well, I won't apologize for my taste, but I will say that, if you are not a fan of some of the more experimental artists mentioned here but are a fan of electronic music in general, you should check out To Rococo Rot. While borrowing certain experimental sounds from the other artists, these German lads nevertheless manage to make music immediately listenable, immediately enjoyable, and unquestioningly excellent. This album is the yellow medium between dark, cold ambient and red-hot drill-press music. From the first track, "I Am in the World with You," to the masterful "Tomorrow," to the even more masterful "Cars," to the final track, "Das Blau und der Morgen," this album is stark, beautiful, esoteric, and hummable. Yes, hummable! Weird synth FX mix with lush synth atmospherics to create sounds that you actually find yourself thinking about long after you've finished listening. Not only that, but each song on this album is under 5 minutes in length. How many electronic albums can you say that about?

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