Cristian Vogel, Busca Invisibles

Released: March 1999

Cristian Vogel has been making weird music for a while now. Born in Chile, he now lives in England and makes records for Berlin's Tresor label. His music changes from album to album, but, in my opinion, it has never sounded as good as it does on Busca Invisibles. On the surface, the music is not surprising at all: it has a medium tempo with a building block structure. But where the music differs from other recent electronic albums is the sound, which is an unusual mixture of red, frenzied beats and grey, mechanical weirdness. Listen to Busca and you'll hear sounds you've never heard before, sounds so unusual and so wonderful that you'll sit back and think, "where did that come from?" Perhaps the best example of this is the second track, "Sarcastically Tempered Powers." It opens with synth FX buzzing bee/radio frequency sounds, which build into a CGD rhythm track that seems to be stuck inside a toilet. The song builds in that toilet, piling layer of liquid and metal echoes on top of one another. Then, just as you think the song is turning into noise, it all stops, the bee/radio hiss returns, and the process starts over--only slightly different. It is not a long song, but it is unique and totally original. What more can I say?

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