V/VM, AuralOffalWaffleTenPintsOf BitterAndABagOfPorkScratchings

V/Vm Test Records
Released: September 1999 (UK)

This is 2 CDs, 2.5 hours, 34+ artists, and 52 tracks of absolute chaos. The songs range from black noise to yellow pub chants to green/white disfigured pop songs to V/VM's trademark CGD insanity. The songs seem slapped together by drunken DJs who hadn't slept in 10 years. But somehow, amidst everything, the album works: the noise blends smoothly with the happy sing-songs, the CGD bouncing perfectly into disfigured Abba or David Hasselhoff. The music's mix is really the appeal, for individual songs (especially the white noise ones) can be irritating; however, when the white noise morphs into a song that can only be described as Vaudeville on acid, that temporary irritation is transformed into delight. It is difficult to single out particular tracks for their merit, but some of the most memorable include the various versions of a song called "mouldy old dough," which takes a straightworward song (Tom Waits-style) and distorts the vocals and music by variously speeding up or slowing down certain elements (a la Negativland). Another favorite is "Asymetric," which is an extended version of the CGD song that is a highlight of Skam's 0161 compilation. I also like their versions of "Do They Know It's Christmas" and The Beatles' "Yellow Submarine." This album is not for everyone, and it will certainly piss off a lot of artists whose work they parody or otherwise bastardize (if they ever hear about it). But for those whose taste range from Industrial to experimental, this is a perfect "stocking-stuffer."

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