Wechsel Garland

Morr Music
Released: 2001

Morr Music is just about the best record label around. If it's released on Morr, I'll probably pick it up. That's why I picked up Wechsel Garland. All I know about this artist is that the liner notes are all in German. But background on an artist is unnecessary when the music is good, and Wechsel Garland is very, very good. Harkening back to Global Communication's 76:14 with its airy, ethereal melodies, adding traces of Phonem's melodious clicking sounds, and polishing it all off with classic (yes, I think the word fits) Morr Music song structures and production qualities, Wechsel Garland is a mature, elegant, and beautiful work. This is electronic music of the quieter school, the school that Aphex Twin created but has long since abandoned, the school that basically follows ambient rules of simplicity and minimalism, but still manages to have traditional pop structure elements like verses, choruses, and catchy melodies. Take "Der Vorwand," for instance. It's a simple synth piano movement, with guitar lines added here and there, and a delicate synth organ floating around in the background. That's it. It's as simple as you can get. But it's wonderful. I haven't heard anything that peaceful for a long time. Other tracks do pick things up a bit--"Komm'" has some glitchyness amidst the soft lushes, and Grobe Vorwand has a weird cello part that is actually a bit menacing--but overall this is a peaceful, beautiful collection of songs that builds in your mind and in your ears the more times you hear it.

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